In this case, racial discrimination concerning her partnership with Mick, a White man, can predispose Martha Miller to various health risks and stress. Interracial relationships present several problems, such as prejudice and social rejection, and their effects manifest themselves in psychological and physical health ramifications. To Martha, these challenges may translate to stress and anxiety, which is likely to worsen her mild hypertension, diabetes diagnosis, and increase pregnancy risk.

Racial discrimination has been identified as a cause of stress, which in turn brings about various health problems. Coping with chronic stress also tends to worsen hypertension, which is already present in Martha (Michaels et al., 2019). She also experiences high-stress levels, which may affect her diabetes management, resulting in poor glycemic control even with Metformin. This could expose both Martha and her baby to more complications during pregnancy, including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Furthermore, racial discrimination can play a role in Martha’s ability to navigate and engage with healthcare successfully. Suppose she feels judged or discriminated against in healthcare settings due to her interracial relationship. In that case, there is a high likelihood that in the future, she will not seek early treatment or follow-up appointments, especially when pregnant with chronic disease conditions. This exclusion may result in poor prenatal care and other complications, such as early labor and low birth weight.

Societal discrimination can also exert cumulative stress on her, which may also affect the quality of her relationship with Mick and the level of emotional and social support she gets from him (Lerman Ginzburg et al., 2021). This support is crucial as she works most of the time and has limited time for her children. If their relations worsen as a result of pressure from other people, Martha will become more isolated and stressed, which will negatively affect her mental health and physical condition.

Therefore, racial discrimination in the context of an interracial relationship with Martha’s boyfriend has potentially detrimental effects on her health by causing stress, chronic disease exacerbation, and a reduction in the utilization of health services. These problems can only be solved with a favorable environment in healthcare facilities that acknowledges the impact of discrimination on health. 

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