• Now that you have reviewed models for clinical decision-making construct a discussion that reflects on an encounter you have had with a primary care provider.

There are different models and approaches that a provider can take with their patients and make decisions for their health care. Healthcare providers often find themselves not only engaging with the patient but also with the family of the patient. The model that I am familiar with when it comes to my primary care provider is the shared decision-making approach.

Visiting my primary care provider has been a pleasure since finding my new doctor. I went years without seeing a provider mostly due to being pretty healthy and just not making the time to make my health a priority. Recently, I visited my primary doctor a few months back and the experience was an overall positive experience. Not only did I go for a checkup, but I also want to see my doctor about weight loss options.

  • Utilize one of the models presented in your lecture materials, or any other model that you may like, to frame your discussion of the experience with the primary care provider that you are reflecting on. 

The overall encounter that I had with my provider was a shared decision-making experience. The shared decision-making model uses a five-step approach. The first step is to seek your patient’s participation in the plan of care. Step 2 looks at all treatment options and allows your patient to explore them with your help. Step 3 is to assess what your patients’ preferences are as well as their values. Step four focuses on deciding with your patient. Step 5 is where you evaluate your patient decision (Agency for healthcare research and quality, 2020).

When looking back at the visit with my primary care provider I can see that he used this shared decision-making approach when discussing weight loss options with me. My primary doctor laid out several different options for me and also discussed and compared the side effects of each of those options. My doctor communicated the risks and benefits of each of these options (Roper & Edan, 2011). I remember specifically during our visit that he asked me to tell him what my preferences were and what would fit best in my lifestyle. I felt in this moment that he was actively listening to the things that matter the most to me as well as showing empathy for the barriers that were in my way of reaching my goals.

Together along with my provider, we decided on the best treatment plan option. Along with the decision that we made together he provided additional information that I could read over to aid in my decision making. At the end of the visit, he scheduled a follow-up appointment in one month for me to return to the clinic. During our follow-up visit, we discussed whether the approach was working or whether should we try a different approach. What stood out to me the most with this provider was that I felt heard. His active listening approach and showing genuine concern we’re refreshing. As a patient, I bought into his plan and strived hard to prove to him that the decision we made together was the best option possible.


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