Websites are designed intentionally to assist the consumer with the gathering and resourcing of information.

  • First, define the readability index and how it is applied when reviewing a website for patient education. Readability is defined using different formulas based on items such as sentence length, word familiarity, and syllables to measure the ease of reading and understanding the information read in a text form (Kher et al., 2017). It is used to determine the type of audience that will be reading the information.  Articles published recently have indicated that medical websites are not utilizing appropriate communication levels for the readers of the information provided (Kher et al., 2017).  Readers must be able to understand the material and information being provided.
  • Second, healthcare providers are responsible in determining the reliability of a resource. How might you determine the website is valid and reliable?  There are six criteria used to verify the reliability of a resource which include authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, coverage, and appearance (Evaluating Internet Sources, 2018).  There are questions under each criterion and the more questions that one can answer yes to means that the more reliable the website is (Evaluating Internet Sources, 2018).  The use of guidelines for evaluating the content such as inspecting the sponsor of the website, how often the website is updated, if the site gives facts and not opinions, and who the intended audience is are all things to look at when evaluating the reliability of a website (Find Good Health Information, 2019).
  • Select and describe an example of a website you often use in practice to educate patients or staff. One of the main things that I tell people in my practice is to please not just use Google and believe the first thing found because the information provided is not always correct.  We have pamphlets and books that are provided to the families that give specific information on what to expect during the dying process.  There is a book called Gone from My Sight that provides stages of the dying process with descriptions of signs and symptoms that caregivers can expect to experience.  The website that I utilize the most is the Amedisys website because it has resources available for employees, patients, and caregivers.  There is a resource page that has pertinent information from reliable sources within the company and details about all the evidence-based programs offered (Hospice Care, 2024).
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