The functional areas of nursing informatics that I chose for this discussion is communication. Communication is highly relevant to my work practice as a nurse in a psychiatric outpatient setting.

Briefly describe why this area(s) is relevant.

As an outpatient nurse where our physicians are predominantly practicing distantly through telehealth, communications using digital tools such as EHRs, emails, messaging tools and video conferences are crucial in conveying relevant information and ideas in a secured manner towards the goal of delivering the best patient outcome. Communicating effectively with informaticists and helping them develop documentation measures that reflect the full spectrum of evidenced-based and standards-based nursing practice advances this objective (Harper, L. M., & Barr, N., 2015).

Identify the informatics competencies you selected as essential to your functional area(s) in which you need improvement (refer to the informatics competencies in your readings and support lesson links).

Ability to perform specific informatics tasks is one essential are that needed to be developed. According to Raghunathan, et. al., (2023) “Although increased global attention to address digital health preparation among health professionals has seen a greater focus on informatics development within undergraduate nursing curricula, our study revealed that nursing students’ perceived informatics proficiency for practice was still an issue” (Raghunathan, et. al., 2023). Providing more education in this area can further increased that effectiveness of practicing nurses as there were gaps in vital informatics practice knowledge and skills, compounded by the lag in nurse education which had not kept pace with technology developments (Raghunathan, et. al., 2023).

Describe why these competencies are necessary, and outline a plan for developing these competencies.


As nurses learn nursing informatics, they must learn to use all information technologies effectively, recognize the benefits and limitations of this technology, and integrate them into how they implement these technologies. In this era of large amounts of data, nursing informatics competencies are key to safe, efficient, and quality practice, and good use of nursing informatics can result in enhanced patient care outcomes (McGonigle et. al., 2014).

Explain how developing nursing informatics competencies would increase your effectiveness as a nurse.

Nurses have a major role in collecting, documenting, and managing health data and information crucial for timely clinical decisions and multidisciplinary care delivery (Raghunathan, et. al., 2023). Developing core nursing informatics competencies can nurses help keep up with the rapid developing technology driven practices that are implemented in most health care settings to be effective and efficient. According to Gonçalves et al (2012) “there is still a continuing interest in NI competencies nowadays, that may be explained by the transition and the concern that nurses might be prepared to perform effectively in safety-focused, integrated and patient-centered environments, in which they are being requested not only to register, retrieve data, search quality information, but mainly to use them as an important resource for planning and make informed decisions, and transform the nursing practice” (Gonçalves et al 2012).

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