ISBAR Approach

Description: Presentation (500 words + 10minutes)

Percentage: 40%

Word Count: 10 minutes

Submission: Via Learnline 

Relevance Using communication to provide safe care is an integral component of nursing. The national standards that govern the provision of care in acute and aged care centre around communication and ensuring safe and effective care is delivered. The use of ISBAR to communicate and share key information has been shown to be effective in managing and minimising harm in healthcare. ISBAR is a standard communication tool used to share information in acute deterioration. All nurses and training nurses must be aware of this process. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify verbal and non-verbal communication strategies and standards that enable therapeutic communication and interprofessional relationships
  • Explain how cultural sensitivity and cultural safety aid in the establishment of effective communication with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other multicultural communities
  • Demonstrate a high level of written and spoken English according to academic conventions and professional nursing standards.
  • Demonstrate effective communication through clinical handover and the legal documentation of essential information in healthcare records to ensure patient safety

Task Instructions

Develop and present a 10-minute digital presentation that address the following questions:

  1. Discuss how the ISBAR approach to handover aligns to communicating for safety national standards that govern acute and aged care
  2. Use literature (journal articles, textbooks, research publications and national standards) to support the content
  3. Narrate and elaborate upon the presentation using appropriate literature to support your points
  4. Put the citation on the slides and include a reference list
  5. Use PowerPoint to present the content
  6. Load your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file onto Learnline, AND
  7. Submit a maximum 500 words script summary
  8. Load your script summary Word Document or PDF file with your Powerpoint presentation onto Learnline 

Please note: It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that the narrated presentation plays and that the audio is clear. The presentation is not to exceed 10 minutes in duration. The presentation should draw on your knowledge of communication and culture you learn from this unit. The word counts of your script summary include the script and your presentation, except the reference list.

Marking Instructions: Please access the marking rubric to ensure that you are maximising your marks in your submission.

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