IOM’s six aims in Quality Improvement

Interview a lead QI administrator, chairperson, nurse manager, or risk manager at your institution to learn of the quality initiatives in your workplace and how they apply to the IOM’s six aims for improvement. Should your workplace setting not have a formal QI process or leadership, propose how these aims might apply in your practice setting.

Use the Week 1 and 2 readingsLinks to an external site. for this assignment. In a 4- to 6-page paper (not including title or reference page) in APA-format, address the following:

  1. Describe your current area of healthcare practice.
  2. Elaborate on “Crossing the Quality Chasm,” the IOM imperative, its origin, and goals.
  3. In one paragraph each, describe how the IOM’s six aims for improvement based on each element of the STEEEP acronym are being or have been implemented in your institution. Provide examples of how each aim is being implemented.
  4. If you find an area in these aims that is lacking, describe an initiative that a DNP-prepared nurse could put in place to close the gap.
  5. Lastly, address how the initiatives in place at your institution can be applied at a national level? What aspects of these promote population health?
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