For this week, I am debating to oppose the public disclosure of the hospital’s LGBTQIAP+ policy. By disclosing this policy, this can lead to negative connotation towards certain groups or populations. The faith-based non profits as well as other religious organizations and the older,  more conservative patient population within the community may not respond well to this public disclosure. These groups depend on cares that have been consistent and reputable by their standards, by providing this change this could affect patient care and could affect the hospital’s overall public opinion. There could be staff boycotts or strikes if they disagree with this policy announcement as well as backlash from supporters or financial stakeholders who have supported the hospital for decades. If these type of riots or strikes escalate, this will affect patient care for all of the community, there could be transportation issues, safety concerns, bad connotations to the patients who choose to go to this hospital for cares and other social aspects of the staff and hospital organization itself will be affected. Also disclosing the policy can affect the privacy of patients and staff. For those in the LGBTQIAP+ community who are not yet ready or prepared to share their identity choices, they may be improperly judged by others once known that they have received care at this hospital. Privacy concerns could cause fear and stigma for LGBTIAP+ patients as a result of the public’s knowledge of the policy (Endsjo, 2020). There are also many concerns with payment and judgements from medical personnel, family/friends and insurance companies upon yearly renewals. The American Medical Association supports the equal treatment of gender dysphoria for this community and most insurance companies do not discriminate upon sexual orientation or gender identity (American Medical Association, 2021). But this brings up the issue of patients actually disclosing this information if asked just to get insurance coverage when they are being treated at this hospital. g

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