Innovation in the field of nursing requires strong leadership skills, advocacy for political change, and effective organizational policy development. As registered nurses and future advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), we have a responsibility to engage in innovation efforts to support organizational success, patient care, and job satisfaction. Healthcare innovation includes ideas, services, and products that benefit the healthcare system, and these innovations must be usable and desirable to be successful (Kelly & Young, 2017). As new and expanding innovations are introduced, the engaged nurse must consider how leadership skills, organizational policy development, and political advocacy play a role in the execution of innovative changes.

Nurses and nurse leaders play a critical role in the facilitation of innovation as their roles place them on the front lines of patient care (Handzel, 2021). Whether working as an inpatient nurse, outpatient nurse, nurse manager, nurse educator, or advanced practice registered nurse, nurses are active participants in patient care and influential contributors to innovation as they utilize medical equipment, navigate electronic health records, and contribute to organizational culture (Handzel, 2021). Innovation in the field of nursing can be supported with leadership skills by sharing ideas and identifying areas for improvement in nursing care, engaging in active conversation with organizational leaders to facilitate positive changes, supporting nurse coworkers in their patient care, and advocating for policy and political change when indicated (Handzel, 2021). As I strive to facilitate innovation in the field of nursing, I will consider my experiences as a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner student to advocate for positive innovation as a nurse leader.

Nurses who engage in innovation efforts and policy reconstruction are referred to as “nurse champions,” and their participation in organizational policy development is based on their advocacy for change based on their professional experiences (Sperling et al., 2022). Furthermore, the cultivation of meaningful relationships with other healthcare professionals within the organization is paramount to advocating for effective organizational policy development. Sperling et al. (2022) explain that enthusiasm for innovation efforts, network-building with other healthcare professionals within the organization, and persisting under adversity are crucial qualities to organizational policy development, and these professional connections are essential for nurses in all roles as they participate in patient care within the organization. As I consider my role in organizational policy development moving forward, I will strive to maintain the connections I have built both in my roles as a registered nurse and as a family nurse practitioner student to identify opportunities for innovation and to effectively advocate for policy changes and development when indicated.

Finally, it is the responsibility of every healthcare professional to advocate for political change when opportunities arise for improved patient care. Nurses can support political change through their roles as public health advocates, and Cullerton et al. (2018) recommend approaching proposals for political change through the investment of relationships with government and organizational leaders and the gathering of information to support the proposal for political change. As I strive to identify ways in which I can actively advocate for political change to support innovation, I will familiarize myself with organizational and government leaders who influence political decision-making and will strive to develop professional relationships with these individuals to facilitate positive innovations in nursing

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