APRN Scope in Florida- Expanding Authority

            Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) in the state of Florida can practice at a restricted level. Within the scope of restricted practice, APRNs in the state of Florida are under a state law of career-long supervision, delegation or team management by another health provider in order to provide care (American Association of Nurse Practitioners [AANP], 2023). Being the state of Florida is a restricted practice state; these barriers directly impact various aspects of patient care. According to the AANP (2023), states that restrict or reduce an APRNs ability to practice are closely linked with geographic health care disparities, higher chronic disease burdens, primary care shortages, higher costs of care and a lower standing on national health rankings. By expanding APRN practice in the state of Florida to full authority we are able to assist with improved care access, decreased healthcare associated costs and improved care efficiency.  Expanding APRN practice in the state of Florida offers one step in closing these access gaps. Although some patients may express hesitation in seeing an APRN for their care needs, studies support that care under an APRN is not only safe, patient-centered and efficient, but parallel to physician practice. Care under APRNs is closely linked to fewer unnecessary hospital readmissions, emergency department visits and higher patient satisfaction rates (AANP, 2023b). Expanding APRN practice is paramount to improving patient outcomes and has time and time again been supported by evidence-based research. Expanding onto full practice authority is necessary in order to not only meet the growing demands of complex care needs but growing rates of health disparities.

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