Role of Health Policy at the State Level

          At the state level, health policies should enforce mandatory vaccination laws. The policy should enforce mandatory vaccination for preventable diseases and pandemics. Mandatory state vaccination laws may include schoolchildren, health workers, and citizens vaccination requirements. The laws will help protect against the spread of the disease, promote immunity, and improve health quality. For instance, during COVID-19, several states initiated mandatory vaccination policies for public servants and school students (Giannakou et al., 2022). The initiative helped in reducing the prevalence of COVID-19 infections.

Health policies should also aim to address the issues of accessibility and affordability of vaccines. Policies should reduce barriers to equity and vaccination accessibility, like lack of finance and availability (CDC, 2022). The state should promote programs such as financial assistance and vaccination clinics to promote the availability of vaccines. The state should also finance vaccination programs to make them affordable to vulnerable people. This will help improve the number of vaccinated people, thus protecting them against a specific health issue.

Role of Health Policy at the Institutional (Provider) Level

        Health policies at the institution or provider level should aim to ensure the proper vaccination of patients. Health providers should ensure that they provide vaccines to patients effectively. They should safely and effectively administer recommended vaccines and the correct doses to patients (CDC, 2022). This will help in ensuring that institutions help the state and federal governments control a specific, controllable disease.

At the institutional level, health policies should promote patient vaccination counseling and education. The policy should encourage providers to take on the role of creating awareness and educating patients on the importance of receiving a vaccine. Patients’ education will help them learn the importance of vaccination in reducing a specific controllable disease (Reed et al., 2022). This will increase the number of patients willing to be vaccinated and reduce the prevalence of a specific disease in society.

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