ha610 unit7 disc1-elisabeth response

For this assignment- debate in OPPOSITION of publicly disclosing the hospital’s policy as a response to the below student post that is in favor 


  • For each refutation, include a brief explanation (under 300 words) and rationale for why you have selected it. Additionally, provide at least two references (URLs are acceptable) that support this refutation.

Debate in FAVOR of publicly disclosing the hospital’s policy. 

Taking the stance of advocating in favor of publicly disclosing the hospital’s policy on improving care for LGBTQIAP+ patients as I believe that transparency and visibility are essential in building trust and inclusivity within the community. In my opinion, if the hospital has taken the initiative to implement such policies, it is imperative to stand behind and publicly support these decisions. By openly acknowledging the company’s commitment to providing sensitive and competent care to LGBTQIAP+ patients, they demonstrate integrity, accountability, and leadership in addressing the healthcare needs of all individuals within the community (Bass & Nagy, 2023). Publicly standing behind their decisions fosters transparency and trust and sends a clear message of solidarity and inclusivity to the staff and the broader community (Swierad & Huang, 2021). It shows real dedication to upholding the values of equality, dignity, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression (Swierad & Huang, 2021). Furthermore, publicly supporting their own policies allows the hospital to align their actions with organizational values, thereby strengthening their reputation as a compassionate and inclusive healthcare provider within the community.

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