You have been tasked with migrating an existing physical server infrastructure to a virtualized…

You have been tasked with migrating an existing physical server infrastructure to a virtualized


An initial analysis of the physical infrastructure has identified the serversthat can be migrated to

virtual machines and run on Hypervisors.

You are required to come up with a design that will facilitate the migration to a virtual infrastructure.

To do this you need to identify the following:

1. The number of Hypervisors required:

i. To run the virtual machines without any spare capacity

ii. To run the virtual machines with 40% spare capacity

iii. To provide High Availability for all virtual machines 25 Marks

2. The amount of memory (RAM) consolidation that can be safely achieved. Then, use this to

calculate how much memory will be required for each Hypervisor. 10 Marks

3. The cost savings in terms of the power required to run the Hypervisors versus the physical

servers over a year(Given that each server consumes 500w of power, requires 500w of

cooling, and electrical power costs 10c per kilowatt-hour). 15 Marks

4. The requirements for the shared storage environment.

This involves identifying:

i. The number of hard disks required to store the virtual machine files

ii. How the virtual machine files can be protected against disk failure

iii. The number of hard disks after the protection mechanism has been implemented

iv. The cost of the overall shared storage solution 25 Marks

5. A sample diagram of the proposed infrastructure (include Hypervisors, shared storage and

network infrastructure). As well as this you should give a detailed description of the

componentsshown in the diagram


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