Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment Health Assessment Completed – January 2023

Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment Health Assessment Completed – January 2023

Shadow Health provides students and faculty access to Digital Clinical Experience™ (DCE) products in which students interact (ask questions of, view anatomy, perform simulated examinations of) with virtual patients — computer-generated characters which play the role of a patient in a simulated provider-patient encounter. This is much like a “serious game” designed to improve students’ interviewing and examination abilities and allow faculty to evaluate students. The DCEs are delivered from a set of web applications and services to the user’s browser; in this manner out products are similar to a Software-as-a-Service model.

  • Shadow Health Simulations
  • Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Respiratory (Lungs)
  • Cardiovascular (Heart)
  • Abdominal
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Comprehensive

Interviewing the patient

Performing physical assessments

In addition to the patient interviews, you will be performing physical assessments on the patients as you work through your Shadow Health assignments. All of these physical assessments will be performed via the Exam Menu, which will appear in the upper left of the simulation area. Clicking the Exam Actions in the menu will begin the physical assessment.

The Exam Menu will contain all of the relevant physical assessments that you should be performing in the assignment. If you are unable to locate the physical assessment, please check all of the available categories in the Exam Menu.

Education & Empathy score

The score you receive in the Education and Empathy section is based on the timing of your therapeutic statements during critical moments in the patient interview.

When asking interview questions to collect subjective data, there will be scored opportunities to provide either an educational or empathic statement in response to the patient.  To get credit for acknowledging the patient with therapeutic communication, you must respond within two lines of dialogue.

For example, if you ask the patient if they’re experiencing any pain and they say “Yes”, then that would be an ideal moment to respond with an empathetic statement.

Once you’ve completed the assignment and can see your results, you can click on the Education & Empathy tab to see the available points. Clicking on each of the Education & Empathy topics will show you more information and the part of your transcript

Post Exam activities

All of the non-Concept Lab assignments in Shadow Health have the potential to include additional activities after completing the Patient Exam portion of the assignment. Instructors have the ability to add any, or all, of the following activities.

  • Self Reflection– Self assess your patient teaching by comparing with model responses, and reflect on your performance as a whole.
  • Hallway– You will communicate with possibly different staff members after interviewing the patient. You should type a response to each person to practice your communication skills.
  • Lifespan– After completing the exam, you’ll explore issues related to how a patient’s phase in life affects the way you provide care for them.
  • Review Questions– Review concepts relevant to the simulation by answering the included questions.

Where are the Post Exam activities located?

  • Once you complete the Patient Exam, you will encounter each of the activities your instructor chose to include. Prior to loading the assignment, you can view which activities are present by navigating to the Activity Descriptions section on the Assignment Overview page.

Save/upload lab pass

The Lab Pass for your assignment attempt is available on the  Experience Overview page.

You can reach the Experience Overview page by clicking on “My Results” at the top of Shadow Health.

Find the assignment attempt you need a Lab Pass for. In this example, we are using the Abdominal assignment. Click on the green “Completed” link. This may also say “Completed (Reopened)” if you’ve reopened your attempt or “Reviewed” if your instructor has commented.

Now that you’re on the Experience Overview page for your attempt, you should see the Lab Pass button in the top right of the results.  If you do not see this button, your instructor may have chosen to not use the Lab Pass.

  • The next step after successfully downloading your Lab Pass is to upload it via your student portal.

Comprehensive Assessment Tina Jones


Systolic – 128 mmHg

MAP/Cuff -973 mmHg

Diastolic – 82 mmHg

Heart Rate – 78BPM

Respiratory Rate – 15

SpO2 – 0.99%

Temperature 37.2C

Interview Questions

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