The NSW service is conducting a survey about Opal Card weekly usage. They have collected surveys…

The NSW service is conducting a survey about Opal Card weekly usage. They have collected surveys from 4 Opal card users about their daily fare in one week so far. The daily fare of each user is as follows: U s e r Mon Tue Wedn Thur Fri Sat Sun 1 8.84 10.2 7.9 8.8 6.7 2.47 2 10.1 8.8 5 8.58 4.94 0 3 5.04 5.04 4.28 4.28 5.04 3.52 4 15.15 13.63 15.8 6.62 7.06 4.94 **************************************************************************** Note: 1) The Sunday fare has a daily limit of $2.7 (e.g. the maximum Sunday amount is $2.7) 2) The weekly fare has a cap of $63.2 (e.g. the maximum weekly amount is $63.2) ***************************************************************************** Write a Java program that will use the above values and other similar data then generate some statistics, thus: a) Get the above data (4 users, 6 days) b) Calculate the partial sum for 6 days to see whether it is reaching weekly cap c) Prompt the user to enter new data for Sunday (4 users, Sunday) d) Calculate and display the average fare for each user. For a) above you have some options, you can:

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ASSESSMENT BRIEF COURSE:Bachelor of IT Unit: Object Oriented Design and Programming Unit Code: OODP101 Type of Assessment: Assessment Task 3 – Individual Programming Solution to a Problem Length/Duration: N/A Systems development and User experience a) To act as an ethical practitioner while demonstrating skills in data analysis, and software development & testing. Course Learning Teamwork and self-management skills Outcomes addressed: b) To take responsibility for their own time management delivering quality required material on time in dynamically changing technological and communication contexts whether as an individual or member of a small team. Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to: a. Analyse and dissect simple design and programming problems b. Demonstrate basic knowledge of object oriented programming Unit Learning concepts and syntax Outcomes addressed: c. Implement a well-designed modularised solution to small programming problems d. Develop and/or implement testing schedules Submission Date: Week 9 Assessment Task: Individual Programming Solution to a Problem Total Mark: 20 Weighting: 20% of the unit total marks Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approved extension or without approved extenuating circumstances incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day, calculated from the total mark E.g. a task marked out of 40 will incur a 2 mark penalty per calendar day. More information, please refer to ( Documents > Student Policies and Forms > POLICY – Assessment Policy & Procedures – Login Required ) Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd. …


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