Summary In this assignment, you will build a program using techniquesfrom previous CSS courses that

Summary In this assignment, you will build a program using techniquesfrom previous CSS courses that counts unique fractions. No newconstructs from our readings are expected, and as such, you cancomplete this program with just a handful of lines (10–20) of codein just one main function. You will need to use loops, ifs,comments, etc., (in other words, structuredprogramming) to complete this assignment and achieve theoutcomes listed below. Included below is a sample execution of yourprogram as well as a list of outcomes your program is to implement;you do not have to report the fractions in reduced form, though youmay choose to do so (you do, however, have to count all equivalentfractions, e.g., 12/6 and 6/3 are equivalent to each other and eachcontribute to the number of occurrences of the reduced uniquefraction 2/1). Introduction Your project is to read in a series of fractions from a textfile, which will have each line formatted as follows: “A/B”. Asample text file is listed below, and the purposeof your program is to read in each fraction and count the number ofoccurrences for the current fraction. When all the input isconsumed (or as the input is consumed), your program will print outits list of unique fraction and their corresponding count — see theoutput below (and you may assume no blank lines or misleadingcharacters. See the text file link for one of theactual inputs I’ll use when testing your submission; I may useother, similarly formatted input files. The code shoukd work forany number of lines (should work for 100,000 lines too) Sample Text Input 6/3 7/3 6/3 12/6 Sample Console Output 6/3 has a count of 3 7/3 has a count of 1 Try to keep in mind basic “structured programming” principlessuch as modular design (ie, decompose complex tasks into individualmethods), good variable & methods names (self-documentingcode), and comments. NB: By “unique fraction” I do not mean “unique stringvalue” but “unique rational number value.” Consider reading one line at a time (with scanner.nextLine()),and using the split (Links to an external site.) function (definedin class String) to give you an array with two elements in it (thenumerator and denominator, respectively). Your program should work with input files besides the samplegiven, even long files (e.g., 100,000 lines long). . . .

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