Read the material from Section 3 of this weeks Webtextbook titled, “Becoming Independent: The Rebell

Read the material from Section 3 of this weeks Webtextbook titled, “Becoming Independent: The Rebellion Against Britain” and the supplemental resource featured this week. Using the Webtext, (Be sure to provide specific evidence from the textbook readings for this week for your response MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS) identify three (3) motivating factors for colonists that helped to ignite the American Revolution.

· If you were involved in the American Revolution which side would you choose? What grievances did the colonists list in the Declaration of Independence? Use evidence in your response making reference to the Week 4 course materials.

“Understanding the Constitution” Please respond to the following: PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEKS WEBTEXTBOOK in your response.

· Using your Webtextbook, the supplemental resource featured this week and this link to the US Constitution,

· Read Article II Section 1 of the Constitution on the Electoral College. Next, CAREFULLY read the Second Ammendment in the Bill of Rights about the “Right to Bear Arms”

· Now in a 300 word essay describe what you think each of these two parts of the Constitution ACTUALLY MEAN and why were they included in the language your have read in the first place. This is an exercise in careful reading and critical thinking!

“The Transformation of America” Please respond to the following:

· Review the materials shown in Section 1 of this weeks Webtext titled, “The Growth of the Market Economy” then, in a minimum of 200 words, explain three (3) effects that the events of the Market Revolution, Reform, and Democracy had on society. Note: You will provide three (3) effects for each event. Next, imagine that you are a farmer or that you are living in an urban area, and provide two (2) reasons as to whether you would be for or against the Market Revolution, reform, and democracy. Provide specific evidence your response from the text and other course materials. Note: Think about the societal problems, innovations, politics, and factory life during this time period.

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