Qualitative Research Proposal

Qualitative Research Proposal Assignment Instructions


The development of a research proposal is a required step in the dissertation process.  As with the creation of any large project, it is appropriate to begin by constructing the foundational components and building upon them later.  A qualitative research proposal draft offers the researcher the opportunity to establish an introduction to the research topic, review some of the related literature, and begin to consider what type of research methods will need to be utilized to answer the research question.


The qualitative research proposal should include the following:


• Introduction: explain your research topic and question(s).

o How is it sociologically important?  What perspectives and experiences do you bring to the research?  How do your beliefs (philosophical assumptions/interpretive frameworks) guide your actions as a researcher?

• Literature review: provide what is already known or has been researched related to the topic. (7 – 10 research studies)

o Where are the gaps in the literature (this is where your research topic/question should come into play)? (Be sure to speak to the philosophical assumptions/interpretive frameworks and qualitative approaches used in these studies).

• Methodology: explain what data collection methods (interviews, surveys, etc.) will be utilized in order to answer the research question(s).  

o Which of the five qualitative approaches to inquiry will you use? In what ways does your research approach influence the methods used for data collection and analysis?


• Length of assignment: 15 pages total (minimum)(Introduction: 2 – 3 pgs., Literature review: 7 – 10 pgs., Methods: 2 – 3 pgs., Title page: 1 pg., Works cited: 1 pg.)

• Format of assignment: APA

• Number of references: minimum of 7


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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