Module 7: Assignment N493


Module 7: Assignment N493


1. Create a PowerPoint of an overview of your project, then record the presentation of all phases of the education project (this is different from the one used at your event, if you created one for that purpose). This will be presented as if you are in front of a group of peers explaining how your community education project was planned, developed, implemented, and how the outcomes were achieved and then how you evaluated if your goals were met.

2. Include your work on all phases of the education project, explaining your project and how it was planned, developed, implemented and how outcomes were achieved. Explain if you met your goals for the project. Be sure to show on the objectives slide a close-up picture of your face and your picture ID to verify your identity. Picture IDs can be either a driver license, or a work ID with your name and picture on it. The presentation is to be 7-12 minutes but PLEASE NOTE that if it is more than 8 minutes, it will be too large to fit into the submission drop box. Eight minutes is the best time frame.

Your assignment is to create a power point with the overview using screencast o matic, of your project and then record the power point with your voice over on a screencast-o-matic, PLUS the log is to be submitted into project concert. I do not need to see your face. I need to see the power point and hear you talking about the power point slides. 

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