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Question 1REBT is based on the assumption that:[removed]a.Humans have a biological tendency to think irrationally[removed]b.Humans have a biological tendency to think rationally[removed]c.Both a and b[removed]d.None of the above2 pointsQuestion 2_____________ is the behavioral intervention used to gradually increase the quality of a behavior.[removed]a.Shaping[removed]b.Extinction[removed]c.Stimulus control[removed]d.Aversive control2 pointsQuestion 3DBT utilizes a behavioral technique in which the client learns to tolerate painful emotions without enacting self-destructive behaviors known as:[removed]a.Positive reinforcement[removed]b.Negative reinforcement[removed]c.Exposure[removed]d.Punishment2 pointsQuestion 4In reality therapy, behavior is affected by:[removed]a.The impact of external stimuli on behavior[removed]b.Unconscious conflicts[removed]c.Current inner motivation[removed]d.All of the above2 pointsQuestion 5In reality therapy, the skilled counselor or therapist treats behavior as:[removed]a.The result of social pressure and limited perceptions of possibilities[removed]b.Information received from parents and from the surrounding culture[removed]c.Caused by self-verbalizations that can be helpful or hurtful[removed]d.Chosen as a result of unmet wants and needs/font>2 pointsQuestion 6A method in which the counselor or therapist leads the client through a number of questions to become aware of thoughts and distortions in thinking, and to find and implement more adaptive replacements is called:[removed]a.”Socratic Questioning”[removed]b.“Platonic Questioning”[removed]c.A-B-C Model[removed]d.Reflection2 pointsQuestion 7In the A-B-C model proposed by Ellis, the factor that creates the emotional and behavioral consequences is:[removed]a.Activating event[removed]b.Consequences[removed]c.Beliefs[removed]d.None of the above2 pointsQuestion 8According to Glasser, human behaviors are composed of:[removed]a.Doing, thinking, feeling, physiology[removed]b.Doing, resting, sleeping, acting[removed]c.Responding, initiating, ignoring, acting[removed]d.None of the above2 pointsQuestion 9In practicing reality therapy, counselors and therapists focus on:[removed]a.The interpersonal relationships of the client[removed]b.Insight into causes of behavior[removed]c.Family history[removed]d.Personal history2 pointsQuestion 10According to Ellis, the shoulds, oughts, and musts fall under which of the following categories?[removed]a.Self-demandingness[removed]b.Other-demandingness[removed]c.World-demandingness[removed]d.All of the above2 pointsQuestion 11In reality therapy, the environment or counseling or psychotherapeutic atmosphere includes which of the following?[removed]a.Attending behaviors[removed]b.Doing the unexpected[removed]c.Use of metaphors[removed]d.All of the above2 pointsQuestion 12The DBT model proposes that a successful counseling intervention must meet five critical functions. Which of the following is not one of these functions?[removed]a.Improve and preserve the client’s incentive to change[removed]b.Boost the client’s capabilities[removed]c.Ensure the client’s capabilities are specific to his or her environment[removed]d.Structure the environment so that the treatment can take place2 pointsQuestion 13A counselor using CBT might focus on using:[removed]a.Pharmacotherapy[removed]b.Dream analysis[removed]c.Transference[removed]d.Risk-taking exercises2 pointsQuestion 14DBT is driven by three theories. Which of the following is not one of those?[removed]a.Behavior therapy[removed]b.Biosocial theory of BPD[removed]c.Dialectics[removed]d.Gestalt theory2 pointsQuestion 15Which of the following is true about REBT?[removed]a.REBT was influenced by Rogers’ core conditions of counseling.[removed]b.REBT was influenced by Freud’s concept of the unconscious.[removed]c.REBT was influenced by Frankl’s logotherapy.[removed]d.None of the above2 pointsQuestion 16_______________ is the sense of personal competence or feelings of mastery.[removed]a.Self-concept[removed]b.Self-esteem[removed]c.Self-efficacy[removed]d.Self-control2 pointsQuestion 17Which of the following is associated with reality therapy?[removed]a.WDEP system[removed]b.Choice theory[removed]c.SAMIICCC[removed]d.All of the above2 pointsQuestion 18Cognitive therapy has been criticized for its focus on:[removed]a.Internal events (thinking)[removed]b.Direct observation[removed]c.Listening procedures[removed]d.Intellectual understanding2 pointsQuestion 19Which of the following is not consistent with REBT theory?[removed]a.Events or other people make us feel bad or good.[removed]b.Thinking, feeling, and behaving are interconnected.[removed]c.Emotional distress results from exaggeration, overgeneralization, and invalidated assumptions.[removed]d.Irrational beliefs emanate from environmental and genetic factors.2 pointsQuestion 20A client is partaking in cognitive distortion when he/she exaggerates a negative event to the point that the event has more impact than it deserves. What is this called?[removed]a.Disqualifying the positive[removed]b.Catastrophizing[removed]c.All-or-nothing thinking[removed]d.None of the above2 pointsQuestion 21In choice theory, human motivation springs from which of these five sources?[removed]a.Belonging, survival, knowledge, fun, power[removed]b.Survival, belonging, power, freedom, fun[removed]c.Power, achievement, enjoyment, information, security[removed]d.Survival, achievement, love, success, pride2 pointsQuestion 22DBT was initially developed to treat:[removed]a.Narcissistic personality disorder[removed]b.Histrionic personality disorder[removed]c.Antisocial personality disorder[removed]d.Borderline personality disorder2 pointsQuestion 23The developer of dialectical behavior therapy is:[removed]a.Dr. Marsha Linehan[removed]b.Dr. Albert Ellis[removed]c.Dr. Carl Rogers[removed]d.Dr. Fritz Perls2 pointsQuestion 24DBT targets behaviors in descending order beginning with ________.[removed]a.triggers[removed]b.biosocial susceptibility[removed]c.suicidal behavior[removed]d.enhancing respect for self2 pointsQuestion 25According to REBT, certain values promote emotional adjustment and mental health. Which of the following is not one of these values?[removed]a.Non-utopian[removed]b.Low frustration tolerance[removed]c.Flexibility[removed]d.High frustration toleranceDUE ON 1/9/16 @ 6PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME

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