The minimum wage is an example of how the government can regulate business within a capitalistic society. There are many other areas in which the government provides regulatory oversight. Do you think that such oversight is necessary, or would market forces control business practices? There are many good arguments on both sides of the issue, so let me know where you stand.


Develop a blog post that is intended to create an advocacy group to influence public opinion and/or generate political action regarding an environmental issue that you feel is of great importance to the welfare of business and/or society.


Explain how Cole Hardware used technology to manage inventory and identify at least two (2) benefits of the use of this technology by the company


Use the Internet to research the annual report of at least one (1) merchandising company. Determine which costing method (Last In First Out [LIFO], First In First Out [FIFO], or weighted average cost) that is used to record inventory by your selected company.

Identify the three (3) primary advantages and three (3) primary disadvantages of using the costing method (LIFO, FIFO, and weighted average) that is used to record inventory.

Provide support for your response.

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