Ensuring Accountability – One of the key challenges for development NGOs is to demonstrate…

. Anchor your answer in relation to one or more session theme: Q1. Ensuring Accountability – One of the key challenges for development NGOs is to demonstrate the quality and impact of their work with high ethical standards. Failure to do so may see them sidelined as significant development players. Drawing upon the literature, and bearing in mind the claims that NGOs make about their work, how might NGOs address this challenge? Use specific NGO examples to illustrate your answer. Q2. Working together – NGOs may be viewed as partners of government agencies, major development institutions such as bilateral and multilateral donors, and/or as contributors to a global social change movement. They may be viewed as collaborating with of media, faithbased organisations, professional and civic organisations, business and private organisations, and issue-based movements. Drawing on the literature, and case study examples, what are the challenges faced by an NGO wanting to work in “partnership” to attain peace, gender equality, poverty reduction and/or sustainability? Q3. Changing Context of Development Work – Based on the past decade, what do you foresee will be the critical contexts that will shape the nature of development work in the coming decade? Using specific NGO examples and the literature, discuss what roles will NGOs play to shape and respond to this changing context? Q4. The Changing Nature of NGOs – “To be agents of change, NGOs themselves need to be part of the change.” Do you agree with this statement? Provide evidence for or against from both the literature and NGO examples. Rubric See HUSO2096_Assessment 3 Rubric.docx References and citation style You are expected to use at least seven academic references, including at least two from the course guide for Assessments 2 and 3. You are also welcomed to use reputable non-academic references, but these are not counted towards the minimum requirement. Follow the APA citation convention available at http://www1.rmit.edu.au/library/referencing-guides (http://www1.rmit.edu.au/library/referencing-guides)

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