DQ 1

“Access Control” Please respond to the following:

If you were going to design an access system that would control people getting into your favorite or most valued items, what things would you consider based on your readings from chapter 1? Make sure you address all the possible avenues of attack that could be exploited. Remember, security measures are designed to slow and draw attention to attackers. No system can completely prevent successful attack.

DQ 2

“OSI Model” Please respond to the following:

The OSI model has stood the test of time. It’s used to describe the functionality of various networking appliances and the logical protocols that interact on the physical media. Modeling is important because it provides a way for experts to talk about what’s happening in the abstract. Think about something you use every day that you could describe using a model. For example, a bicycle. What are the common parts shared by all the different kinds of bikes? How can you use the parts to describe the differences between the operation of one bike and another? Enjoy this discussion topic and apply what you are learning this week to your model.

DQ 3

“Security Planning” Please respond to the following:

As a manager, you’re going to be responsible for security planning. Humans are the weakest link in the armor of security. Security measures must be balanced with a businesses’ ability to function. Based on what you’ve learned so far this week, what factors will you consider when coming up with your security plan? How will they affect the balance between securing the systems, and allowing the business enough breathing room to function effectively? How will your plans affect the business?

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