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As mangers of any organization, they manage the micro level tasks to meet the high-end vision & mission of the company. To do this, they are to set goals with the team around them to meet the breakdown portions of the whole vision & Mission. It becomes the role of a manager as part of the management to sort and delegate talents into directive task that bring productivity of the company to max. In this process, managers learn about the people they work with and use their strengths to move forward with the project at the same time help them overcome any weakness that could harm the company progress.

It is generally assisted through evaluation of the progress to assess if it is continuous increment or stagnated one flow. Overall role of the management is to manage the company which includes developing talents to become future managers, budgets for current year and upcoming year, helping to abide company policy and to enhance customer experience with the company.

I would like to add to above management responsibilities in a company, that would-be Ethics. Any company that deals with people need to be cautious of following the law of the land, but also being ethical on things that might not be restricted by laws.


Since the late seventies, the leading British and US companies came to the need to combine elements of corporate policy related to relations with the external environment, and to develop holistic approaches to cooperation with society. In effect, implementing social programs, business seeks on the one hand to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of society, and on the other – hopes to improve its image, strengthen the reputation of brands, increase the competitiveness of products and, of course, profit.

Main impetus for the CSR movement was given by two things – the “social” nature of business and the legal context in which corporations are created and in which they function (Godinez & Rohner, 2017). In both cases, the matter is that the corporation in its turn “must” something in return for a society that allows their privileges to exist.

However, another significant impulse for the development of social responsibility is only a commercial factor – the relationship between public opinion and sales. Attitude to a particular product or brand: now, when it comes to business, activities, the environment, society as a whole. Surveys in various countries have shown that it is important that the number of consumers is ready to boycott goods that practice irresponsible policies towards the society.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), whose history began in 1997. This approach is based on the concept of sustainable development, that is, an affordable balance between consumption of the present generation in economic well-being, favorable environment and social well-being and similar needs of future generations. In 2005, one of the largest American corporations, General Electric, for the first time published a social report on this international standard. Also, Ford, ABB, Microsoft, General Motors and a number of other leading global companies have also announced GRI social reporting (Egan, 2017).

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