Caps Discussion W7

This week, you will add the Introduction and Conclusion sections to your final cumulative paper about Gestational diabetes.Discussion Board:For this week’s discussion board forum, post a draft of your final paper’s abstract, introduction, and conclusion for peer review. Identify any questions or challenges you are facing with the assignment or mention something new that you have learned. Pose specific questions you would like your peers to address.Written Assignment:The culminating argument paper is a restructuring of the first two papers with the addition of an abstract, introduction, and conclusion.It is important that you do not repeat the mistakes and errors from previous papers.Show that you learned from your mistakes.Pay attention to 7th addition APA formatting, the word “you”, re-watch the video “Five tips to improve academic writing”, (SEE BELOW LINK) final paper should include a newly composed introductory section and a new conclusion section that presents your discussion of (and argument for) the solution. Your argument, or rationale, for the solution that you propose is the focus of this paper.Your paper must:Be 15–20 pages in lengthTitle page (1 page)Abstract (1page –up to 250 words)Introduction (1–2 pages)Reworked informative papers (10–15 pages)Conclusion (1–2 pages)References (1–2 pages)Reference 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (compiled by combining all the references from your Perspective of Inquiry papers and any additional resources you use in this final paper.)Follow all APA Style guidelines.

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