I have the answer for this case but I need it to be business report

I need to make 6 different reports for this case for me and 5 of my friends.

It have to be totally different we are in the same class with the same teacher

I attached the data set and I attached the answers you can use

I need a business report not just answer the questions:

The business report has:

1- Introduction / summary

2- Result / finding/ analysis

3- Conclusion

Refer to the Century National Bank data. Using checking account balance as the dependent variable and using as independent variables the number of ATM transactions, the number of other services used, whether the individual has a debit card, and whether interest is paid on the particular account, write a report indicating which of the variables seem related to the account balance and how well they explain the variation in account balances. Should all of the independent variables proposed be used in the analysis or can some be dropped?

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