155) The most prominent data manipulation language today is ________. 156) Microsoft Access has a ru

The most prominent data manipulation language today is ________.

Microsoft Access has a rudimentary ________ capability that displays
information about the size, format, and other characteristics of each field in
a database.

Microsoft Access and other DBMS include capabilities for ________ so that the
data of interest can be displayed in a more structured and polished format.

The ________ database design describes how the data elements in the database
are to be grouped.

The process of creating small, stable, yet flexible and adaptive data
structures from complex groups of data is called ________.

Database designers document their data model with ________.

A line connecting two entities that ends in two short marks designates a
________ relationship.

A ________is a database that stores current and historical data of
potential interest to decision makers throughout the company.

The data warehouse makes the data available for anyone to access as needed, but
it cannot be ________.

A data warehouse system also provides a range of ad hoc and standardized query
tools, ________ tools, and graphical reporting facilities.

A ________is a subset of a data warehouse in which a summarized or
highly focused portion of the organization’s data is placed in a separate
database for a specific population of users.

166) ________ are applications and technologies to
help users make better business decisions.

Data ________ describes a situation in which the same attribute of a data
entity may have different values.

A(n) ________ view shows data as it is actually organized and structured on the
data storage media.

DBMS have a(n) ________ capability to specify the structure of the content of
the database.

In ________, a data mining tool discovers different groupings within data, such
as finding affinity groups for bank cards.

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