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1-Emotional self-awareness has a great impact on the effectiveness of leadership.  Knowing one’s own emotional state and mood is crucial in building a professional and productive relationship with one’s staff (Huber, 2014). Leaders who have the capability of being self- aware of their emotions are better able to recognize when their emotions are having a negative affect on people which then allows them to address it effectively (Goleman, 2017).

Such behaviors such as being confident, involved and leading by example as well as being humble and honest, and admitting to one’s own mistakes and taking responsibility for what we do not know and knowing when to ask for help, I feel are characteristics of a leader that not only encourage, but also motivate people in wanting to do their best. I feel that people respond to leaders that make them feel as an integral part of the team. Allowing people to provide feedback is one way of doing so, as it shows them that as a leader we care about their input, their ideas and/or suggestions in moving forward with a certain project.


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2-Leadership is more than just being a point of authority and telling people what to do. Nurse leaders need to be even more developed with working with multiple titles within the health care team such as: Doctors, nurses, patient care assistants and so many other positions held within the hosptial. Poor leadership can be recognized easily and can have an impact on how an organization operates. According to Romanowska (2014) “Developing leadership competence is a serious responsibil- ity. Poor leadership is common and may cause severe human suffering, resulting in substantial costs for business and society. When organizations invest time and money in programs for improvement of their leaders’ ability to assume responsibility, they expect improvement in employees’ performance and health” (p.97). 

In order for a leader to be successful they need to possess certain skills with self awareness being one of them. Self awarenss by definition is one’s ability to recognize and conscious one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. As a leader this is important because leaders often need to separate emotion to make sound decisions and judgments. A self aware leader is more likely to not act on impulses. Being more aware of one’s own emotions helps a leader to better understand the emotions and feelings of the perople around them as well. 

Having strong nursing leaders are an essential part of organizing safe patient care and a happy staff. Through experience I have found that you can encounter many different egos within the hospital. The most effective nursing leaders are the one’s who are able to admit when they are wrong and are open to other staff member’s input and advice. Havign self awareness helps the nurse leader to set good examples for other staff members by using safe practice and staff being more open to input from that leader. 


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3-One’s self awareness and behaviors’ have the potential influence us by the different things that can factor us like our culture, belief and our values. According to Edwards and Daniel “varies factors have a potential impact in the formulation of one’s self awareness and behaviors’ (2009) they also define values as “generals’ beliefs about the importance of normatively desirable behaviors’ and actions” (p.655). A few years ago as a unit manager my beliefs were no matter what the issues and problems were on the unit all staffs seems to work it out every morning we had a meeting about things that gone wrong and what can be done to get things better, I never had a problem getting staffs doing their job because, they knew that I am always there to help and what I didn’t like for myself I don’t believe on doing it to others. Some nurses always complained that the staffs do not respect them and never do what is asked I can truly say this I never had a problem with getting staff to do their job, because they know that what ever is asked of them I, as the manager can and will do. As manager and or leaders we lead my examples to me that means whatever is asked of staffs to do managers we have no issues doing it ourselves. Sometimes staff will say to me what makes you tick meaning getting upset I always laugh and say you will never know, having and knowing our self-awareness will help to keep emotions and behaviors under control no matter how upsets and angry we get our emotions and what we feel should never be displayed before other staffs, patients and or family members. If staffs need to be at work early managers needs to be their early too. We need to be honest with our self don’t say one thing a another. My weakness is I am unable to come to work and job in and work I have to be at work a few minutes early at least 30 mins where I can calm by mind, do my walking rounds, get my thoughts together and be prepared before I start some nurses have problems with that because the seems to come to work late and that throws my whole day off but that is something that I need to work on and currently doing. While I was doing the unit manager I got written up the reason for that was I was told by the DON that I was spoon feeding the nurses too much because I do thier job for them I am not the one that seems to delegate and then return to make sure its done, at times I will help the nurses by helping them to do and get the job done and I was told that it’s the nurses job and I am there to make sure it’s done not to do it for them. The impact of improving value congruence itself may not be as successful a strategy as focusing on the resultants of value. (Edwards& Daniels,2009)

Edwards, & Daniels. (2009). 655. Retrieved October 17, 2018.

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