Your response to each of the following questions should be ½ page per question (Should be 3-5 pages

Your response to each of the following questions should be ½ page per question (Should

be 3-5 pages total + a title and reference page)

Lily is a 17 year old female that arrives for family therapy with her natural parents, 18

year old sister and 14 year old brother This is a very religious family of HispanicAmerican origin It appears that Lily has just announced that she is bi-sexual, and the

parents are distraught This is unacceptable in their religion and the parents are trying

to accept and love their daughter unconditionally Lily’s brother and sister align with

their parents and see Lily’s behavior as sinful

Briefly respond to the following in direct and specific regard to the above scenario Do

not add any information Respond using the details you are provided with above

1 How might a solution-focused therapist present the miracle question to this family?

2 How might a solution-focused therapist use compliments and coping questions with

this family?

3 How might a social constructionist therapist use the technique of deconstruction with

this family?

4 As a narrative therapist, construct a prediction letter to use with this family?

5 As a social-cultural feminist therapist, how might you depathologize Lily’s sexual

preference with this family?

6 As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, name three (3) cognitive distortions you might see

in this family?

7 If you asked the parents to practice active listening with Lily, what might you expect

and why?

8 How might you use Gottman’s emotion coaching with this family?

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