Write an essay that presents a comparison. You may choose from one of the three options listed below

Write an essay that presents a comparison. You may choose from one of the three options listed below. In an essay centered around comparison, your thesis will be your opinion about the two elements you are comparing.  The rest of the essay will provide evidence for why you arrived at that conclusion.  Evidence can include examples, narrative, history, definitions, processes, etc.  Your essay should be organized using either the point by point pattern, or the block pattern. Whichever way you choose, you should compare the elements using the same points of comparison. Option One: Compare two viewpoints or writing styles represented by different essays in our textbook. Only one of the essays can be one we have read in class, although you are free to write about a viewpoint we have discussed in class. For example, you may compare the writing styles of two essays discussing university learning difficulties (such as “Me Talk Pretty One Day” and “University Days”) or you may compare the viewpoints of two essays discussing literacy (such as “Learning to Read” and “A Homemade Education”). Option Two: Consider a single group of people, and write an essay that compares the expectations of that group of people (based on stereotypes or other people’s opinions of the group) and the reality. For example, Brent Staples writes about the expectation that people have about him based on his looks, versus the reality of what he really is. If you choose this option, make absolutely sure that your version of “reality” is not just another set of stereotypes, but is based on information from the group itself. Do a little research if you need to (but make sure you include a References or Works Cited page if you do any outside research). Option Three: Come up with your topic comparing two ways we view other people. You will need to get this topic approved at least 2 weeks in advance of the essay due date. You are not required to do
any outside research for this essay. You are allowed to talk about yourself and use your own experiences for the essay, as long as you are also talking about other people. If you do any research, make sure you provide a Works Cited or Reference page so I know that you aren’t plagiarizing. For more information on how to write a comparison, see pages 225-247 in
Steps to Writing Well.  We will be doing peer reviews for this essay. Formatting should include: ●        Double spaced, 1” margins, 12-point font in Calibri or Times New Roman, page numbers ●        In .docx or .rtf format

●        Length: 900-1400 words (about 3-6 double-spaced pages). Please include a word count! …….

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