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Write a suite of loosely connected applications that can be used to create, read, update, and delete a set of csv files. You should be able to use each utility with the other utilities so that you can fully manipulate a spreadsheet document (csv) with just the utilities you have written. Each utility must be capable of manipulating a record based on a specific value contained in a particular row and must be capable of editing more than one row at a time. In addition to displaying particular rows, it must also be able to display or return only particular columns or sets of columns. Each utility program should accept a spreadsheet as input and return a spreadsheet as output. You must also write a menu-based interface to unify each utility into a single program.

PART A: The set of command-line utilities:

1. A create utility:

A terminal application that adds records to a csv file.

2. A read utility:

A terminal application that pulls rows from a csv based on search criteria

3. An update utility:

A terminal application that can edit an existing record

4. A delete utility:

A terminal application that can delete an existing record in a csv file.

PART B: A menu-based system for interacting with the command-line utilities:

1. A menu system where a user can select a file and then choose to add a row, read a row, update a row, or delete a row. This utility does not actually do the creating, reading, updating, or deleting, but calls the utilities built in PART A to do the work. Doing the actual spreadsheet is not part of the 15pts for this section.

2. The menu selection system is divided up into multiple sections so that the screen refreshes to bring up sub-menus while still remembering the state of your choices from the previous screens until you run a task or quit the program. There is a specific way to exit the program and you can only leave the program using this method (or by overriding the program with a kill command).

3. The layout of the screen is beautiful and intuitive. It is not simply a series of textual questions posed to a user but appears visibly as a spatially organized place that communicates possible avenues of navigation, not unlike a well-made web page or GUI application. Feel free to use special characters, colors, and other tricks to achieve this kind of viscerality.


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