write a 2000 word report. In this report, you must analyse a case study provided to you…. 1 answer below »

Assessment 3 – Management Case Study Report This assignment requires you to write a 2000 word report. In this report, you must analyse a case study provided to you. You need to address questions provided below and submit your responses. You are expected to use the information in the case study as well as do research around issues identified in the case study. To support your responses you need to refer to the provided case study as well as identify 5 more external cases that are dated no older than 3 years. The above mentioned 5 external cases should refer to real-life companies and demonstrate the issues you address in your response to questions below, related to the provided case study. Your report should include: 1. brief introduction identifying common issues in the provided case study. 2. responses to questions for the case study 4. conclusion summarising solutions to the common issues in the case studies A note on plagiarism: You should aim to paraphrase sources where possible, writing the report in your own words and including Harvard format citations. Your report must be submitted to Turnitin. The similarity index must not exceed twenty per cent. Reports can be submitted multiple times in the lead up to the deadline. A copy of all of your uploaded and similarity index are also kept. On first submission similarity results appear in minutes. Subsequent submission results can take 24 hours to generate. Do not leave submission to the last minute. The Diet Center: The SAP ERP Decision 1. Evaluate the firm’s growth strategy, mission and vision in relation to their SAP ERP decision 2. Assess the need and role of an appropriate ERP system in the operations of the firm 3. Evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing an ERP system. 4. Assess the effect of an ERP system on the various activities within the firm 5. Discuss the future of the firm by analysing the potential impact of the SAP ERP system on the operation and financial results. Your response needs to refer to benefits as well as risks and challenges related to each of the question.


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