world history


World History IHomework Two: MummiesRead the article and view the video from the links below, then answer the questions according to the information found in the article and the video.  Do NOT simply look up the information online; it may not be correct.  Be sure to answer using complete sentences.     “PBS Special: King Tut”,2017   “Nine Strange Uses for Ancient Egyptian Mummies,” 2015.  

1.   List and describe four different things mummies were used for during the Victorian era in England, according to the article.

2.  Why was Egypt called the “Gift of the Nile?”

3.  Mummified bread and various mummified animals were often found in the tombs. Why?

4.   Why did some early pyramids have steps on the outside of them?

5.  Why did pharaohs eventually stop using pyramids as burial tombs?

6.  What are shabti?  What did the dead pharaohs use them for?

7.   Why were so many items in Tut’s tomb painted with or made with gold?

8.   Find and attach a photograph of a painting believed to use Mummy Brown

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