Week 7 Discussion

“Changing the Dynamics of a Public Leader” Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the Flint Michigan Water Crisis, previous week’s readings, and your own research, conclude the main manner in which public leadership from higher levels of government both positively and negatively impact public leadership on lower levels of government. Propose two (2) strategies that public leaders in each level of government could use in order to work collaboratively, thus ensuring that decisions do not adversely affect citizens, e.g., Federal government, State of Michigan, City of Flint. Provide a rationale and appropriate sources for your response.
  • Determine a style of leadership that would be effective in the Flint Michigan Water Crisis. Provide a rationale for your position and support it with appropriate sources for your response.

Week 7 Reading(s)

Please read the following case study and be prepared to discuss:

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