Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate – Communicating companywide employee… 1 answer below »

A. Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate

B. Communicating companywide employee recognition

C. Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools

D. Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in

the workplace

E. Podcasts, internal blogs/vlogs as a means to communicate to employees

F. Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction

BIZ101_Assessment 2A_Report Outline & Resources Analysis Page 2 of 5

Instructions for the Report Outline and Resource Analysis:

The Report Outline is a plan of the report you are going to write for Assessment 2B. The

report outline tells the reader what to expect from the report.

The Report Outline tells the reader:

– The purpose of the report (what it will be about, what questions will be answered)

– The structure of the report (what sections or parts will be included in the report)

– The purpose of each of the different parts of the report

– Four research sources you will use to research information for the report, why they

are relevant to the topic, and why they are credible.


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