Your team has been given the land rights to an abandoned parcel of land. The land has some unknown contamination; it has been stripped of natural vegetation, soil erosion has occurred, and a stream on the property is polluted. You have decided to turn this land into a sustainable agricultural food supply.

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal Template

Design solutions to develop the land. Provide a development plan to bring this land up to agricultural standards.

Write a proposal to the city that describes the step-by-step plan your team intends to implement. Record your ideas on the University of Phoenix Material: Sustainable Agriculture Project Proposal Template.

Explain the following in the proposal:

  • The importance–both locally and globally–of having a sustainable food supply
  • The major threats to this land’s sustainability

Here is the template: Just fill it out as simple as you can Also after the proposal do a slide on this, only like 3 or 4 slides will be fine. Please include speaker notes. There is no word count on the proposal but please be thorough.

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