1. write three body paragraphs for . The topic is “The United States should decrease its dependence on coal for energy production.”
    • For each body paragraph, use at least one piece of support (cited correctly) from a source.
    • For body paragraph 3, both the opposition and the refutation should have at least one cited source.

    no introduction nor conclusion ( just three body paragraphs )

  • thesis : the U.S. should decrease its independence on coal for energy production
  • i attached 5 sources u can use ( at least use 4 ) u do not need to read everything, just scan over and find three good support to the thesis.
  • I suggest that the reasons could be :
  • 1 : coal have negative impact in environment and decrease global warming
  • 2 coal cause health issues to people
  • 3 something about employment

its ESL class, so use simple vocab if u could when paraphrasing statistics.

tell me what source u used for each paragraph ( at least one in text sited in each paragraph for statistics ) tell me what page and which article because I’m gonna do work cited page.

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