The Personal is Political:Â Gender and Women in Modern U.S. History For this project, you must ident

The Personal is Political:  Gender and Women in Modern U.S. History
For this project, you must identify a gender-related issue that reaches onto the campus.  You must demonstrate clearly that this issue has a direct impact on the workings of the campus.  Yours can be a celebration, a critique, or anywhere in between.
This assignment has two components.
I.    Component one:  You must create a primary source that illustrates the issue.  This source must be the work of your own hand.  You can propose any media, any artistic rendering that captures the issue as well as the intersectionality of the identities of those involved.  I strongly encourage you to propose your idea to me in office hours or via email by April 11th.

II.    Component two:  You must write an analysis of your document, drawing out its meaning  and significance, proposing how scholars might use it to discuss gender in 2014. You must ground your analysis in a careful discussion of the issue, carefully identifying how and where it plays out, for whom, and how often.  Assess what progress has been made, what work remains undone, and how the work of our community illuminates these assessments.  You might also choose to link the issue on our campus to local, national, or global contemporary currents, placing the issue in its broadest context.  Minimum length for this analysis is 3 pages; maximum is 5.

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