Healthcare – China

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healthcare reform in China refers to the
healthcare system transition in modern
China. China’s government, specifically the
Ministry of Health of the
State Council oversees the health services system, which includes a substantial rural collective sector but little private sector. Nearly all of the major medical facilities are run by the government. China’s healthcare reform history has seen an increase in quality after 1949, with the establishing of the Co-operative Medical System and a collapse in healthcare with the economic reforms since 1980. Recent reforms include the New Rural Co-operative Medical System, health insurance reforms, the World Bank Health VIII project, and the Healthy China 2020 project, but challenges still exist in providing universal healthcare access to all of China, most notably the rural sectors.

Milestone One

Draft Summary Presentation

In 5-2 you will submit a summary of your findings with references regarding the country of investment in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Include:

Country and company background

Political, Economic and Financial risks

Political, Economic and Financial benefits

Overall Risk Indicator

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