The following article contains a number of insights covered inChapter 2:

The following article contains a number of insights covered inChapter 2: Leaders should be careful to not create an environment in whichpressures to meet the company’s financial objectives dictate oroverride the company’s strategic objectives. Remember, strategicobjectives may cover a range on non-financial concerns such associal responsibility, employee wellness, customer safety, productquality, environmental stewardship and corporate reputation. Theauthor of this Fortune article contends that VW may have created aculture in which profit maximization may have trumped employee andmanagerial integrity. Keep this in mind as you continue to build on your individualcareer-based strategic plans. I mentor and coach a lot of studentsand professionals who make career decisions based on how much moneya particular career opportunity presents. I can’t tell you how manyof them chose a career path because of how much it pays, but at theexpense of other strategic concerns such as happiness, passion,health, family, learning, future career mobility, etc. I know it’seasy for me to say, but never allow money to compromise yournon-financial goals. Do what you love and do what is right—andthe money will follow.
Respond to the following prompt below: How are you ensuring that your strategic objectives are guidingyour financial objectives (and not the other way around)? Attached

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