The drinking age should be lowered to 18

The drinking age should be lowered to 18
(If you are accessing this via the web: FIRST, select ? [File] ? [Save As] ?
Then select somewhere to save it, usually your Floppy A or your Desktop)
Then re-open this file using Microsoft Word
Instructions on how to insert the text of the speech:
1. Start typing after “I. ”
2. When you have completed all the information on that line hit [Enter]
3. Use the [Increase Indent] – it is a button on the toolbar located on top right of the screen. You can continue using increase indent to go to a new lower level as many times as it is needed. After you have typed each line hit [Enter]
i. You use the button next to it, [Decrease Indent] to return to main point, or a higher outline level.
ii. Note- If you do not see these buttons, go to [View] – [Toolbars] – [Formatting]
4. After you have completed each main point, start with the next section by clicking behind the next main point (II., III.). Just delete any unneeded text or numbering in each section.
Student’s Name
R110 – Section No. ???
Instructor’s Name
Title of Speech — (optional)
Specific Purpose: ???
Central Idea: ???
label speech functions MIDDLE COLUMN
content of speech
use complete sentences RIGHT COLUMN
Label physical behaviors
(Label the parts of the introduction)
Reveal Topic,
(*Label each line of the outline in this Left hand side column.)
(i.e. Main Point, Sub-Point,
A. 1. 2. B. (* Fill in any actions, line them up with the appropriate text in the middle column.)
Transition (Insert Transition Here)
II. A. B. (i.e. Show transparency, Play tape, Show Slide)
Transition (Insert Transition Here)
III. A. B.
Restate purpose
(review of Main Points)
Clincher/tag/exit line or Final Appeal CONCLUSION
I. II.

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