Process Essay – “My life in college”

Process Essay – “My life in college”

One of the things that I enjoy most is learning about new cultures, and this is achieved by interacting with different people. When growing up, I always dreamt of coming to the United States of America because I had been told that it was a region where I could experience the cultural congestion. Therefore, I was out of myself when the opportunity to come and study in America presented itself to me shortly after my high school education. My experience as a freshman was significant and left a lasting impression on me. Living away from home came with its challenges especially having no one to organize for me what and when to eat. This was coupled with organizing myself for the different classes.

After settling, I faced my first challenge, which was registering for my classes for the semester. I did not know how to go about it and even after I had found a way to do it, I could not find open classes. I was a bit late for most of them. However, I am grateful that finally, I was able to register for the necessary courses. On the first day of classes, I was excited, though nervous. I was excited about the opportunity for a new experience, but I was nervous because I did not know the people, as everyone was new. However, it took a short time, and I quickly got used to the college’s atmosphere meeting new friends.

Life in college is different from that of high school. I realized that the academic work is more intense as compared to what I had earlier in high school. There is a lot of content to be read and also, the deadlines are very short. There is a lot of writing that needs to be done is some much that if one does not get to organize themselves well, they can end up getting depressed. With so much workload, sometimes I end up feeling lonely and frustrated since everyone is most of the time busy doing their work. I have made many friends but cannot sustain them because we do not have enough time to enjoy ourselves. It is on these days of endless assignments that I think of the good old days when I would be with my friends and the time we spent together.

I found out that students in the school were from various nationalities and we found many things to talk about. However, I found myself dominating most conversations, as everyone was excited to learn more about my country. I made so many friends, and they were all eager to know more about my culture as well as traditions. This was a good experience because it gave me the rare opportunity to have me represent my country and explain to my colleagues who had never known much of it. Through this, language was a barrier in some instances, but all became better as we progressed in our English classes. We then became able to understand each other and consequently have more interactions just as I had dreamt that it would be.

Also, I have learned that it is important for a student to manage their time well. College provides an individual with so much freedom as one gets to decode what to do with their time. At first I would sleep so much or spend the night talking with friends who I had made. Consequently, the next day would be difficult as I would be sleepy through most of the classes. However, I learnt to manage my time well and nowadays I can organize myself better.

My arrival in the United States of America was as expected as I found myself in the heart of a region where there were many cultures. I have experienced different people, although sometimes language barrier has remained a significant challenge. However, I must admit that the college environment alongside the multicultural environment is what any person should look forward to. In conclusion, it has been a good experience, and I look forward to meeting more friends as I learn and become a better person. The experience of living with multinationals has made me more confident and consequently can survive in any other part of the world. College life has made me a better person.

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