Nursing Research Question

Tips for Finding Nursing Research Question

Tips for Finding Nursing Research Question

Nursing Research QuestionA good research paper requires the right nursing research question. Finding the topic and formulating the central question is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it does not belong at the beginning of the nursing research. In perspective, the question must be suitable, after scientific examination and sufficient argumentation, to provide the answer to the nursing research question.

How to Prepare the Nursing Research Question?

First of all, it is important to narrow down the topic. This can be easily achieved using an outline. It is also important to find the right time for the final nursing research question. This is achieved when the student does not have to take any further exams. Even during your studies, however, it becomes clear which topics are particularly exciting. It is advisable to concentrate on these focal points when choosing a topic and as a perspective for later questions to note. The final research question is only suitable if it is relevant and can be formulated precisely. It is easier to determine this if the student concentrates on whether a question can be formulated that can be answered at the end of the thesis.

 Which Nursing Research Question is Suitable for a Research Paper?

Before the question can be formulated, the topic must be determined. The following questions should be answered for the purpose of narrowing them down:

  • Which subject is the right one?
  • Should a specialization follow afterward?
  • How relevant is the preferred topic?
  • Is there enough research material available?
  • Are the sources resilient?
  • Are there any hurdles involved in researching the literature?

The question of relevance is easily neglected. It is particularly important here. It should also be checked for whom the answer to the subsequent research question might be of particular interest. This can be of great importance in later professional practice. Companies that care about the answer are usually particularly interested in graduates who get to the bottom of their areas of focus and work towards solutions. The research question should therefore also include the professional future as far as possible. Another advantage for research questions that are important for companies

If the master’s thesis is in the interests of a company, it is quite possible that this company will cover the costs. However, it may also be fundamentally necessary to ask the research question with the support of the company if this results in an advantage. With this, the author underpins his competence.

The data can be confidential. The company, therefore, has a right to have the research work not made available to the public. She receives a blocking notice. The student must take this into account when considering the research question. If he is planning further publications on the topic or if he would like to build on the answer to the question, possibly on a different assignment, the question arises whether he can use the findings of the master’s thesis at all. When it comes to topics that are very popular or of great public interest, this can be a difficult decision-making factor.

Personal identification with the research question is important

Even an important topic does not help the student if he cannot identify with the topic and therefore also with the questions to be asked. That is why personal interests are important and must be taken into account. Not every student is able to work on his or her dream topic, but questions that may be related to the main area of ​​interest. Carefully working on a master’s thesis is demanding. Observations show that motivation suffers when the graduate cannot identify with the topic. This can clearly jeopardize the success of the work.

The following tips will help you find the right research questions

  • Follow up on interesting topics right from the start during your studies

In the course of their studies, all students encounter topics that interest them particularly. It does not matter whether it is political science, education, or another subject. It is worthwhile to work a little more on such focal points and to check whether this topic is perhaps suitable for a thesis later on. Students who keep an eye on this from the start, go through their studies vigilantly and also establish the necessary intellectual connections. It is perfectly fine if further topics are added in the course of the course and the first one is discarded.

  • Research vigilantly

Formulating the right research question is also detective work. This includes looking around the library for interesting focal points and checking which relevant literature already exists and whether the central question has actually not yet been answered. If that is the case, it is not unusual that further questions arise based on this or that partial aspects have not yet been examined. Here, too, interesting research questions can arise.

  • Get help if you are at a loss

When looking for a research question, graduates sometimes reach their limits when it comes to topics that have been very well researched or areas on which there may not be sufficient literature. This can also happen if the fear of the unsuitable question is too great for a final decision. Here it is advisable to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor expects the student to think about the choice of topic and the research question. But he is also the point of contact if problems arise. The supervisor will usually help the student to formulate the question more appropriately.

  • Be careful when phrasing

The research question must be clearly worded. In the case of very complex topics or if the student is reluctant to commit to the question, this can lead to unsuitable research questions. It is then better to subdivide the question and check whether sub-aspects should be omitted. Here, too, the supervisor is the right person to contact if there is any uncertainty.

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