With 200-300 words, answer the following questions. Support all your response with references.

1-1. Summarize the key concepts and steps that are associated with the creation and management of strategic plans in health delivery systems. What are the differences between the strategic initiatives and operating activities of a health care organization?

1-2. What are the differences between “incremental” and “revolutionary” strategies, as well as “intended” and “actual” strategies? Do you think one is more valuable than the other? If so, why? Have you considered what the barriers to strategic planning are? What might those challenges be in your sphere? How can an organization overcome barriers to strategic planning?

2-1. Are you able to see if an organization lacks “strategic direction”? Provide your rationale or an example. Does the visibility matter if you are within the organization or merely a consumer/customer?

2-2. What are the criteria that, if satisfied, make an objective useful in the strategic planning process?

3-1. Analysis of historical financial performance and current financial conditions inform operations and future strategies. What factors and financial documents would you review in order to perform a financial performance analysis? How do they inform you?

3-2. How are resources and competencies related? How do resources and competencies impact strategic planning? Provide in-text citation from your textbook.

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