Prepare 4 pages of strategic analysis for State Farm insurance company

The Mission and Vision of the State Farm insurance company

What is the mission statement of the firm? Has it changed from the initial version? If so, describe the change. You may use online resources such as the company’s website, YouTube, promotional videos, newspapers, and TV news about the company to become more familiar with the mission and vision and corporate strategies of the firm you are analyzing. Do the Mission and Vision support what the firm is doing? Should they

change or should the firm do something to align better with the mission and vision?

Environmental Scanning

What challenges in the external environment is the firm facing? What external environmental factors are impacting the firm? How will the firm be impacted? (e.g., General Environment, Porter’s Five Forces Model, competitors, etc.)

Assessing the Internal Environment of State Farm insurance company

What are the internal environmental factors that that are important to the firm? How do they impact the firm? Does the firm have the correct set of internal environmental factors? Do they fit the firm’s mission and vision and what it is doing? (e.g., Value chain analysis, core competencies, etc.)

Recommendations for the State Farm Insurance company based on the results of the Strategic Analysis

Based on your above analysis, what recommendations do you have for the firm?

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