• Explain the difference between volume testing and stress testing for a web application.
  • Describe when compatibility testing is very important in the software testing process.
  • Describe which test types are not usually included in the formal test plan and explain why.
  • Describe localization testing and describe a common problem that happens in a foreign language of your choose (list the language) when localization testing is not performed.
  • In your own words, describe the difference between forward and backward compatibility. Give an example of each from your experience.
  • List the test types you might use to select the various non-functional test types in a test plan for a Web application, if you were limited to 5 types. Justify each type.
  • In your own words, explain the importance of describing specific expected results when preparing a test script or a test case.
  • Describe the two main factors used when doing reliability testing: give an example of each.
  • Describe 5 criteria that you might use when selecting the configurations to test a new games which will be distributed worldwide, justify your selections.
  • You are doing configuration testing on a cross-platform app for Marymount University. Select 3 configurations which would meet the needs of most of the student.s and faculty and justify why these configurations.
  • Describe how the amount of test resources typically increases over the course of the development schedule.
  • List four metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of a test plan.
  • Describe why parts of an application may not be included in the test plan.
  • Describe three high-level; expectations for a test plan.
  • Discuss the role of a bug tracking system and how it might imorove the efficiency of testing a large system.
  • JIRA is a very popular bug tracking system. Give 3 good reasons why it should be acquired for your testing group.
  • In your own words, describe 4 guidelines to give a new employee to ensure they write good test documentation.
  • Describe the purpose of the final test report.
  • What data elements will you record when you find a defect in the software during the functional test process.
  • Why might you recommend Excel for your bug tracking system?

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