You have learned about the components of culture as well as cultural universals and are now ready to create a fictional culture of your own. For this assignment you will create a report on a culture of your creation. You will create a name for your culture as well as the location and share the various culture elements that make your culture what it is. Refrain from creating cultures that already exist or altering cultures that already exist. Have fun with this assignment and be creative, but remember to be professional. The point is to realize the scope and magnitude of your own culture by creating a purely fictitious culture.

Your written presentation should include a minimum of 15 slides in addition to the title slide and reference slide. Create your presentation in PowerPoint or Prezi and submit to the Unit 2 Homework dropbox.

Each written presentation should include all of the following categories:

People: What kinds of classes exist in the society; what is their basic nature?

Family: What is the basic family structure?

Education: How do young people learn the skills they need?

Folkways and Mores: What unwritten rules of behavior are present? What are the customs and traditions?

Laws: What are the serious violations?

Religion(s) and holidays: Describe the religious structure and main holidays observed in your culture.

Political System: What type of government has been established?

Economic System: Does the culture barter, produce manufactured goods, provide services? What is your currency and how are good and services exchanged?

Language: Do all of the people speak the same language? If not is one dominant?

Science and Technology: How does your culture improve the quality of life of its citizens?

Sports: Does your culture have formal recreational sports? What are they and how important are they to the culture?

Arts, literature, and music: How do these reflect and express the culture?

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