Subject: Report on Data Warehouse( select one of topic from below Assignment explanation )

Word length: 3000 words(excluding reference)

Reference: at least 10 reference (minimum 5 should come from conference paper, articles, or journals)

Special remark : the report will be submitted to Turnitin( be careful about plagiarism)

Data Warehouse Background

Data warehousing technology began as a framework to better manage, understand, and capitalize on data generated by the business. The traditional data warehouse pulled all data into a central, schema-driven “repository of truth” for analytics and reporting, and it worked extremely well for many years. However, the world of data is rapidly evolving in ways that are transforming the industry and motivating enterprises to consider new approaches to business intelligence (BI).

The traditional data warehouse is under pressure from the growing weight of explosive volumes of data, the expansive variety of data types, and the real-time processing velocity of how data is being used to grow and operate the business. These changes are so seismic that Gartner reports, “Data warehousing has reached the most significant tipping point since its inception. The biggest, possibly most elaborate data management system in IT is changing.” The modern enterprise needs a logical architecture that can smoothly scale to meet these volume demands with real-time processing power and the ability to manage any data type to rapidly connect the business to valuable insights. This means that the traditional data warehouse needs to evolve into a modern data warehouse. (Microsoft, 2013)


  • Select one of following topic related to Data Warehouse(DW) from reliable publication such as academic textbooks, research articles or journals.Database management system,

  • Database management system,
    Extract-Transform-Load (ETL),
    Data Integration,
    Data quality,
    Data cleansing,
    Meta-data/Master data management,
    Dimensional modeling,
    Database performance,
    System testing,
    Data security,
    Big Data,

  • Highlights and discusses at least one cutting-edge development of the technique or technology utilized in your selected topic
  • Assesses the practical value of the chosen topic and its technique/technology for helping businesses solve their problems relating to data and database
  • Discusses some promising future directions and development of the selected DW topic

Report Structure

Cover and Table of content

Abstract: A summary of the report/

Section 1. Introduction: explain the basic concept of your chosen DW related topic to be discussed in this report. A brief summary and background of the topic is desirable, including what it is about, why it is important, who it impacts, and how it has been studied or developed.

Section 2. Concept and Theory: present the theoretical/technical details of the chosen topic. You need to discuss how the topic is related to the DW and how it can help DW designers or developers to develop a DW solution that can address business/technical problems or requirements. You also need to highlight and discuss at least one cutting-edge technique or technology utilized in your selected topic.

Section 3. Application: explain the practical value of the selected DW technique/technology for helping businesses address their business and technical requirements. You should review and discuss any of the current tools/systems that utilize the technique/technology to address those requirements. The discussion should include the suitability, advantages, and limitations of the technique/technology. A business scenario or real-world case study can be used to demonstrate and elaborate the applicability.

Example application related to DW



Detailed explanation on how to apply

Other available techniques

Section 4. Future Development and Conclusion: give your own conclusion based on your findings and discuss the future research direction and development of your chosen topic.

The future of the technique

The future of the technique in relation to ABI


Section 5. Reference

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