In this work, i need you to help me to write 6 different 5-paragraph paper(600 words for each) in total of 3600 words

you need to write 2 paper(5-paragraph essay each for 600 words) for following 3 questions. every sources you are only able to use from what i provided. i will upload the references with each author’s name. you need at least use two course reading by name.

For each question, you should be prepared to cite specific examples. There is not a page requirement or word limit; respond as fully as you feel able to. 3 examples probably sets you up for a 5 paragraph essay (including intro and conclusion) but this is not a requirement. You do not have to cite using page numbers, but you should cite the author or speaker’s name (eg. If you cite my lecture, put (Cave-LaCoste) after). Again, citations are not just fordirect quotes and if you try to memorize quotes, you will have a much harder time. You MUST reference at least two course readings by name (Edwards, McGuire, Yung, Escobedo, Terkel, or Burdick & Lederer) in your essay.

1)How did ideas about citizenship and belonging change over the 20thcentury? Cite 3 examples of people or groups whose civic status changed between 1900 and 1980, and why.

2)Journalist Oriana Fallaci once said, “We are an age without leaders. We stopped havingleaders at the end of the 20th century.”Who do you think led the most important changes of the 20thcentury? Identify 3 significantevents of the 20thcentury and who led them, and how. This could be a particular person or a group of people, even everyday people as we have discussed in class. There is no right or wrong way to answer this, but whatever you argue must be supported by evidence.

3)How has U.S. history been influenced by other parts of the world in the 20thcentury? Cite 3 examples or events in which the United States government or its people came into conflict or discussion with another country. How did these interactions influence American views of themselves and the world?

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