Professional Communication and Cultural Sensitivity

Write a paper of 1,000-1,200 words on a specific cultural group. Use the following guidelines:Select one article from a nursing journal focused on a cultural group.In the introduction, state your reason for selecting the cultural group.Summarize the key points of the article.Apply the new information to a practice situation that demonstrates cultural sensitivity in communication, reflecting the reading in Chapter 25.Write a conclusion.STRICT APA FORMAT, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. GUIDELINE FOR THE ASSIGNMENT IS BELOW. THANK YOUProfessional Communication Cultural Sensitivity GuideTitle of PaperThis is the introduction. It should include purpose of paper and rationale for selection of specific cultural group. It would be appropriate to cite information from your textbook regarding the importance of cultural competence in nursing.Summary of ArticleSummarize article succinctly. Then focus on the key cultural differences that should be taken into consideration when providing care.Application to PracticeIn this section, be sure to focus on communication (assessing, comforting, teaching) that would demonstrate cultural sensitivity to the cultural group. You may also include other nursing interventions that would demonstrate cultural sensitivity.ConclusionIn the conclusion, address the importance of cultural sensitivity in communication, both generally and with this population. Describe any conclusions you have drawn from the article/text readings related to this paper. Do not introduce new information.ReferencesProvide complete information for the references you have cited in your paper.

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