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Choose one of the topics and submit a well-written essaybased on that topic. Your essay should be 750 to 1,000words long. Remember: If you use the exact words of yourtextbook’s authors, you must use quotation marks and citethe information properlyYour essay assignment must include1. A cover sheet2. The body of your paper (750–1,000 words)3. A reference page, if neededThe Cover SheetThe first page of your paper will be the cover sheet. Providethe following information:The title of your chosen topicYour name and student IDCurrent date (e.g, November 1, 2013)Essentials of Psychology SSC130Essay 25072400Developing the Body of Your PaperAs stated earlier, you are to choose one of the assigned topicsand create a thoughtful, well-written essay of 750 to1,000 words based solely from the sources provided (i.e.,your textbook). If you use the exact words of the textbook’sauthors, you are required to use quotation marks and provideproper citations both in the text and on a properlyformatted reference pageFormat your paper using a standard font, such as Times NewRoman, 12 point, double-spaced. Set the margins at a standard1 inch on all sides. Since you’ve given your informationon the cover sheet, no header is necessary. The standardstyle format for citations is American PsychologicalAssociation (APA)ConditioningBegin by reviewing Chapter 5 beginning on page 162.Chapter 5 discusses classical conditioning and the experimentsof Ivan Pavlov, operant conditioning, and B. F.Skinner’s contributions to the field in particular with hisdiscussion on rewards and punishment. Chapter 5 alsodiscusses cognitive approaches to learning, which includelatent learning and observational learning based onBandura’s experiments.Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:1. Choose one of these conditioning/learning styles anddiscuss how it may be applied to child rearing. In essayformat, create a plan to help get a young child to cleanhis/her room.2. Conditioning still plays a role in punishment, and thetext discusses the pros and cons of punishment andwhy reinforcement “beats” punishment. Explain thetheory behind this phenomenon and give an example ofit by how you used it when training an animal.MemoryBegin by reviewing Chapter 6 beginning on page 200.Chapter 6 discusses memory, how the brain processes information,and the process involved in forgetting information. Inaddition, the chapter discusses how we as humans think,reason, and solve problems and the role our brains play indeveloping language.Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:1. Discuss the process of memory. In particular, discussthe different types of memory and relate each one to apersonal experience.2. Discuss the different theories on language acquisition.As our country becomes more multicultural, how canthese theories aid our children and/or you in learning asecond and perhaps a third language?Motivation and EmotionBegin by reviewing Chapter 7, which begins on page 243.Chapter 7 states that humans are born to be motivated tosatisfy our needs, discusses why some of us seek out moresensation and thrills more than others, explains why emotionsand the need for power rule some of us, and ends witha discussion of the cultural differences on how we as humansexpress emotions.Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:1. According to Maslow, our motivation progresses up apyramid. Discuss his theory and give your opinion onwhether or not you agree with it. Give concrete examples(in relation to the hierarchy) to support your opinion.2. The text discusses three models of emotions. Choose oneof those models and describe what you do in the event ofa crisis. Provide specific carefully before contacting me or sending me a handshake… NO SCAMMERS,  Ive met quite a few in the short time ive been on this site

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